One swimsuit - 3 Looks // How to style one swimsuit in three ways? //

Hello, guys! At first, I thought I was a bit too late for a summer post but then I remember summer is still here and also in some countries it lasts all the time *questions myself why I don't live there*. So no it's not too late! And you know what? It's also never too late for a good styling tip post! I love sharing my styling tips with you guys and today is a very special post because I partnered up with Adore Me. If you don't know, Adore Me is a company that offers an amazing choice of lingerie and swimwear and many more of that cute comfy stuff we all love and need.  Adore Me has the most amazing swimwear  and today's star of the post will be a one piece swimsuit because it's like the biggest trend of summer 2016, plus it's super cute and I love it.  What I wanted to do is to share with you guys how you can style one swimsuit in three ways, and create three completely different looks. Let's start shall we!
The swimsuit that is in the post is linked HERE


To be the ultimate beach diva you first need a cute cover up for when chilling by the pool. When you are a diva it's  all about the oversizing, so make sure your sunnies and hat are just as big as they need to be to cover your pretty face. Last but not least you need a big IT bag and a pair of cute sandals. Now you can relax by the pool while sipping cocktails and lurking on IG. 


This is definitely my favourite way of styling. If you want to be the fanciest girl at the beach you need all the hottest trends on you!  My fave trends are furry slippers, backpacks, and cool sunnies. These sunnies are from Linda Farrow and are absolutely amazing and will for sure get everyone's attention.  Dare to be fancy?

SunniesLinda Farrow


If you are just about chilling and looking as much effortless as you can, then this look is for you. Go with some very minimalist pieces, and if you want a pop of colour I suggest you get a fun phone mask so you don't ruin the vibe of this look.

Shoes - Adidas
Hat Nike
So that is it for today guys! Hope you liked the post, make sure you write your thoughts in the comment and SUBSCRIBE to my blog! Kisses! xoxoxox


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