Hello my lovelies, I'm back with another outfit post. I was thinking about what to write about in this post, but somehow I had absolutely no idea. Seems to me like I always have thousand ideas to write on, but when I sit down it's nothing but wind up there. So, I decided not to force myself into writing when I'm clearly not feeling like it, and I just decided to upload this simple OOTD post. Hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to leave a comment bellow, your comments always make my day.

The Outfit

The outfit I went with here is super simple and casual, but that's how I like to keep it during weekdays. And even though  my style is more ''posh-glam-Blair-Palermo-upper east side'' I felt like a total ''Instagram baddie'' which I definitely don't see myself as. But, I really like experimenting with clothes, and knowing my style and being comfortable with it has only made this experimenting more easier.  Fur coat, the cutest top from Shein which you can shop HERE, ripped jeans, white sneakers and some fake lashes seemed like the perfect formula today! How do you like it?


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