How to wear ➙ A sweaterdress

Sweater dresses are becoming a big trend. Everybody loves them.But if you are still having some difficulties with styling this item, don't worry, I have just the right thing for you. I present you some of the best ideas on how to wear a sweaterdres.

1.Try to wear them with over knee boots. You can also style them with a printed scarf or with wearing a lace skirt underneath it, just like this lovely blogger whose blog you can check out HERE

 2. If you want to pull of sort of sporty chic style combine your dress with sneakers.

3.Jeans and heels or mid boots make a perfect combination.

 This girls blog you can check out HERE. Trust me she is a huge inspo!
4. And if you want to go a little bit more interesting and different  try polling of some of these looks.

Check out here blog HERE


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