Monday confession-Quotes that get me trough the day

It's Monday so it means it's time for my Monday confession.Today I have some of my favorite quotes that are honestly making life much easier for me.I'm really hoping they help you to!
Being accepted into society is something that we are all seeking for, but we are all forgetting one rely important thing,i know i am, and that is being ourselves.That is the only way to be beautiful.We all want to be perfect,but being perfect means being you.Because there is no way that you are going to be perfect by trying to look like somebody else,and that is wrong.You can never look like somebody else, because we are all unique.And that's were beauty is hiding.
As a blogger i tent to being unique when it comes to style.But what is style? Clothing is just a way to express ourselves,and by being blogger my  job is not to show you what kind of clothing i have but to show you how to express and be you.Hope you all know this...

Don't underestimate yourself.Don't be afraid to try new things.Getting out of your comfort zone means becoming stronger and more aware of your abilities. And believe me the most beautiful things in life happen just after  you are out of your comfort zone.

Don't let bad things stop you from reaching your goal.Sometimes things are not always clear to us, but there is a reason for everything.Learn how to rise after falling. Accept and move on. Let it be your everyday mantra.
This is my favorite.I am going to let it stay this way and not say a word.Just think about it...


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