How Instagram made my life easier?

As a fashion blogger, I am always searching for new communities to join so I can meet more bloggers like me. Social medias are something I also love and I am trying to be  active as much as I can on them. My Blog is my biggest love, but I give the same amount of attention and love to my Instagram too. Now, I am not a person who has that many followers, so I am not in a position to write about earning followers or something similar, but I can tell you  main reasons why I love Instagram and why Instagram is my number one social media.
 1. Instagram is a big inspiration
 On Instagram, I am always searching for new people, pics, and places. Loads of pics can be used as inspiration and call me crazy, but I kind of fell like Instagram is my 'creative energy booster'.
I see a good pic and I immediately have hundreds of ideas in my head,(how do you think I came up with this post?)

2. Tags
Tags make searching photos  much easier. Something I personally hate is using too many tags on photos or using to obvious tags. But using the right, trending, tags can make earning likes and followers much easier. You can also see how many people posted on the same topic as you.

3. You can see what your favorite Instagramers are loving at the moment
Seeing my following notifications is a really good way of finding new people. You can see what your followings have liked and you can easily discover if you guys share the same taste.

4.My followers can keep up with me
Usually  when I post outfit photos they are not from the same day I took them. But with Instagram you can always see what I am up to in this exact moment or a Sneak a peek at my outfit. Since I don't do hauls you can also see what I've been buying recently or what re my essentials.

5. Meeting fellow bloggers
Meeting new people is the best part of this job and with Instagram I can meet double. You can find people that are into the same thing as you are.  You can see what they are up to, are they working on some new projects, or they are just chilling on some beach on Ibiza.

Do you have an Instagram?
Who is your favorite Instagramer?
Why do you love Instagram?

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  1. Nice Inspirations

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  2. Great post! I also love instagram :)


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