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Ĺi dolls. Hope you are doing well! Today I have something a bit different for you. We are talking wedding and dress shopping. Being a bridesmaid is a really awesome experience and the hardest part of it is choosing the right dress. Now when you are a bride wearing your dress is going to be a one in a lifetime thing. But when you are bridesmaid that is not necessarily.  Today I'll show you how to transform you bridesmaid dress to a cool date night dress just with adding few changes to the look. I'll be showing you dresses from this amazing company Weddington Way that you probably heard about. They have beautiful dresses and for this transformation I've chosen three of their dresses, as I'll be showing you three styles to wear them.

1. Casual and chic
This look is just the right for picnics or nice summer walks. With orange, you can never go wrong and with this beautiful details you are going to look stunning. Denim jacket makes this look a bit more casual, but orange rock studs make this look more famine. Finish it all with wearing a beautiful fringe bag which is a total essential and it totally completes the look.

2.Girly pastels
Who doesn't love pastels? This look is so lovely and you will definitely look cute as hell on your date. Pastel jacket and girly sneakers make you look gorgeous. You will look irresistible! Plus the sneakers are definitely not going to give you four feet, so you can dance all night long. My recommendation is to add this beautiful pastel, over the shoulder bag which will make you look like you just came from Paris. Romantic and cute, simple as that!

3.Rock glam
For those girls who are not that much into romantic, girly pastel looks, I have this kind of rock outfit with a touch of glam. Purple and leopard go perfectly together and why not spice it all with a leather jacket.

This black leather bag will complete your look and you will look gorgeous than ever.
That's all! How did you like these outfits? If you have some old bridesmaid dress that you haven't worn in like forever. Now it's the best time to wear it. Hope this inspired you to recreate your own look.
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  1. Great article with nice ideas!:)
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  2. So chic dresses!! Other party accessories are also fabulous. Well, I am looking for the unique wedding gown styles. Actually I am having the destination wedding at Malibu wedding venue in this winter season. Please share some beautiful gown styles!!

    1. Thanks, I also really love them. They are from the They have really gorgeous dresses, so you can check them out. Also congrats on the wedding, wish you the best!


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