How to survive hot days

Hi guys! So as you were able to see, I haven't posted anything for few days now. But it's not my fault, trust me, these few days were like hell here in Belgrade and I just couldn't get out of bed. And my 'I can't get out of bed cause it's too hot' starter pack goes a litlle like this:
1) Ice cold water
Hydrating is like the most important thing right? Well theres nothing better for keeping my body cold from the inside than cold water. Plus the ice makes my eyes sparkly ( i actually saw that online idk if it realy works lol).You can also add some fruit or evem cucumbers to make it taste better and it also makes it more refreshing.
2)Sports bra
I never wear these actually, and I just store them in my closet. But when it's hot like this they are the best thing to wear. They are comfy and super cute.
3) Termal water
For refreshing my face from time to time I love using termal water. It keeps your face fresh and it also hydrates it.
4) Favorite youtube channels
Shoutout to all my youtube girls which were with me trough these horrible days. I actually made a list of my favorite gals on yt so I hope you follow them to. They are all pretty fun to watch and if you ever feel bored just check out their videos
5)Kim Kardashian Holywood
This game is literaly ruining my life! I play it all the time and I just can't help it cause it's so good!! If you play it please let me know so i know i am not the only one that's addicted to it.
So there it goes guys! That's about it. Please let me know if you have your own 'I can't go out of bed cause it's to hot' starter pack. How dp you fight with hot days? Please comment bellow and share. Kisses!!


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