November #Favorites

What's up dolls! Am I late with these favorites? If I am sorry bout that, I swear this winter daylight has been driving me crazy! I just couldn't do any normal pics because the  light was terrible. Shootout if you know the struggle!  Let's not mention the fact that 2015 is about to end and I am just here like.... what the hell happened? But anyway let's just get into the favourites!


You could say that I've been digging Garnier products a lot this month! Micellar water is something that I've seen so many times in other bloggers favorites and I just thought I would give it a try. It's amazing, that's all I'm going to say! And this face mask is something I got with the water and this little guy is also not that bad either.

2. Makeup

I got a little bit lazy these days when it comes to makeup. My makeup routine these days is just foundation, brows, mascara and a killer lipstick. And when you use just few products it's very important for them to be good. This is also a good tip for girls who are short on budget. These three products were def my faves this month and they are all very affordable!

Favorite drink

I think we all saw this coming! Hot cocoa is a must in winter days! I've also been drinking a lot of tees but guess who won...

Favorite thing I did this month?

Def Belgrade Fashion Week.. This was my first fashion week ever and It was hell of a fun!

Favorite song?

I think that Purpose album ha won all of our hearts! I really can't choose between I'll show you, Love yourself... Such a good album. Besides Justin, I've also been listening a lot to Fetty Wap and I loved all of his songs so far!

So that's it for November guys! Hope you like this post if you do be free to share it and comment! Kisses


  1. That lipstick looks so so nice! Gorgeous colour! I love that tea, it's one of my favourites :) Thanks for sharing :)

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

    1. Thanks Tamara, I really appreciate your comment. Love you xoxox

  2. Amazing post dear! Those Garnier products are wonderful :)

  3. Amazing post! Nice
    Have a lovely weekend

    kisses Adela Acanski


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