Valentine's Day Essentials & Ideas

Hey what's up hello! (Yes I had to do that) So before I start this post I need to explain myself. I am not a Valentine's day person. But as I was saying in my last post, these few days I've been so low on the ideas and I saw many of my blogging friends doing these 'Valentie's day inspired' posts, so I decided to give it a try myself. Plus sometimes I can be really awesome and give out good advices. I said sometimes...Hope this is one of those times.
 But without further ado, let's get you dolls inspired!

1. The Dress
I know that getting dressed can be literally the hardest part when getting ready (and I am talking even harder then nailing perfect winged eyeliner). So I decided to give you some tips on finding the perfect dress!
a) Go with the pastels!
Pastels are a huge trend this year and you will def look cute and sophisticated in them.

b) Cutouts are everything!
If you wanna show a bit more skin on your date, try choosing cutouts dresses rather than shorter one. Trust me, your gonna look as twice as good.

c) Two piece
Two piece dresses can make everyone look stylish and beautiful. They are really good for every body type and everyone can slay them.

2. Accessorize
Accessorize are a must! I know that Less is more and I couldn't agree more on it! But that doesn't mean you should not have a statement piece in your outfit. Here's what I suggest:
a) Faux fur
The fashion world is obsessed with faux fur and you should be to! Fur makes every outfit look stunning!

b) Box clutch
This bag...yep...go with me.

3. Hair and Makeup
Nope I am not a professional when it comes to hair and makeup but I know where to seek for inspiration. Red carpet! Take a look at these celebs that slayed their hair and                                                                       makeup. And who knows maybe you'll try something like that!

Last but not least is definitely the location! Now I personally recommend restaurants with a killer view! There is one hotel that I find the most luxurious and romantic on the west coast, and it is definetly the Fairmont Hotels and Resorts in San Francisco. You can try that and def let me know how was you Valentines dinner there!

So that was it for today guys I really hope you liked this post...if you did please comment down your thoughts and share this post if you liked it! Kisses


  1. I'm lovin those peach to light pink colored dresses.
    It really looks feminine.

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  2. Amazing, I love it ;) Wanna follow for follow??


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