How to be a Tumblr person?

What's up guys, it's Angelina! So as I said in my latest post I am trying to blog as much as I can these days. Today I decided to not do an outfit post but to talk to you guys about something that is relatively new in my life. Tumblr! This post might not be too interesting to you if you are usually into my outfit posts but I decided to do something different and that's just to write. So I hope you read this trough and maybe find it fun or inspiring and decide to share it with your friends. Btw I also tried to give it a touch of humor so don't take everything for serious as I just did this post for fun!
1. Put fruit in your breakfast
I use to be a person who didn't really care about what I will eat for breakfast. Whatever was in the fridge was fine with me.  But there is some joy in making a perfect breakfast whether it's a toast with Nutella, or oatmeal as long as it has fruits in it! Blueberries, kiwi, orange literally whatever! Just chop it and throw it on to your breakfast and it already looks ready for Instagram!

2. Bring Tumblr to your Instagram
Instagram and Tumblr are not supposed to be similar. We just made them like it. I don't think it was in Instagrams mind to people stress themselves over by hours of editing just to reach that perfect feed, but what can you do. It's all about bringing Tumblr to your entire life.

3. Try new hairstyles
As soon as you step on Tumblr you will be blown away with how many great hairstyles and hair goals there are actually in the world. You soon will start wanting to give your hair a refresh by giving it some loose curls, beachy braids, highlights... Just take some extra time in the morning for easy hairstyles (if you guys would like me to do this post make sure you comment it down bellow).

4.Get your brow game on point
If you want to be Tumblr you need to have good brows. You don't even have to be blessed by natural ones just take some brow gel and whoala! You are the new Taylor Hill....jk no one can be like Taylor lol. Just be you, but with much better brows!

5. Fairy lights
It's not important where they are it's important they're there! Fairy lights and Christmas lights are a must for a perfect Tumblr vibe in your bedroom.

6.Treat yourself like royalty 
Spoil yourself! I'm talking bubble baths, facials, pampering... Treat yourself and your body well! 

7. Quotes, quotes,quotes
Inspiring yourself is what it's all about! Put quotes all over your bedroom, desk, computer, phone... Positivity is the key!

So that's it for today guys! I really hope you like this post! If you do make sure you comment down bellow and share it with your friends! Also, follow me because I am planning on som really cool new upcoming posts! Love you guys, kisses!


  1. Great post on how to really use tumblr! Amazing!

    Muny B.| STYLE Blog

  2. Great tips, I'm trying to use Tumblr a bit more myself!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

    1. You really should! It is super inspiring.Once you find the right people to follow you will be on it all the time :)


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