2016 Prom Trends with Coco Melody

I first have to apologize if I am too late with this post but this post is sort of like a tradition to me. Last year I did it in May and this year in June (yep quite late). But anyhow I hope you like it!

Today I am talking about some of the trends for this year's prom or homecoming, however, works for you. All of the dresses that you will see in this post are from Coco Melody. They are this really cute website that sells not only prom dresses, but also homecoming, bridal,wedding,evening and many more.A cool thing about this site is that they do Made-To-Order. Whether you choose a standard size or custom measurements, their tailors craft each dress to order.  So I will be linking those bellow so you can easily get them.Let's start shall we?


1.Short bridal dresses
I honestly think this is the cutest type of dress you can wear. They look amazing and super princessy. So if you love acting like a princess and love to be unique then this is a right for you.Plus Cocomelody has some pretty cute and affordable  designer wedding dresses and lace bridesmaid dresses so you should definitely check out those too!

The first dress HERE
The second dress HERE

2. Ombre dresses
I love love love this type of dresses.They are so simple yet effective and just very soft looking. These two were my favourites!

The first dress HERE
The second dress HERE

Pastel colours are one of the biggest trends this season, so why not rock them at your prom also!

The first dress HERE
The second dress HERE

4. Vintage looking dresses

I love vintage! And for my prom, I will definitely be getting some vintage looking dresses. Good thing Coco Melody sells a lot of bridal dresses in this type of style just like the ones I linked down.

The first dress HERE
The second dress HERE

5. Two piece dress

Two piece dresses are still a huge trend, and I ain't even mad! I love them in fact. And I think this dress is especially gorgeous.I love the colour and the details on it and it's just such a perfect prom dress if you wanna leave everyone breathless.

This dress HERE


1. Braids-They are super cute and easy to make. If you are going for a really girly, soft look these are the right choice for you.

2. Messy ponytail- I love messy ponytails. Isn't it such an irony that the messiest hairstyles are the hardest to make? Quick tip-if you are struggling with keeping your ponytail high use salty water and hair spray on your hair!

3. Half up half down- This one is my favourite, and is such a good way if you want to keep the hair out of your face for the pics but also want to let it down.

So that is it for today guys! Hope you've enjoyed it and once again hope I am not too late!
Tell me down in the coments which dress and hairstyle is your favourite!
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