Sun Soaked In Vintage

What's up guys, how are you! I first have to say that these are one of my favorite pics ever! I love the pics and I love the outfit because I think it's very me. As you guys may know I am obsessed with vintage. I love vintage and I love pairing it with some modern pieces. I believe mixing and matching different styles is the best way to show how creative you are.
I am pretty sure this outfit is not very summery, and I know those are something everyone was looking forward to and I hope I am not killing your summer vibes. But next week I am travelling  to Budva and I am promising a lot of cool posts from there. So make sure you follow me so you don't miss out on all of that fun! Kisses!

ps. You are probably noticing that some pics are sort of blue and others not. That is just because some were taken in sun and others not :))


Jacket and the bag- Vintage
Jeans- Bershka
Sneakers- Converse


  1. I love this look! It is so casual with your classic converse. I really like the minimalism in this and think you can never go wrong with sticking with simple yet timeless pieces. I am so in love with that white jacket with the gold accents in it. I like that you styled it off-the-shoulder for a more laid back look. Plus those reflective frames are to die for!


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