Pink Ladies Club

Sixties are everything! It's a well known fact that I am obsessed with vintage, retro and pink. And it all explains why I always wanted to be a part of the Pink Ladies. Like, pink is my thing! And we can all agree that the Pink Ladies are fab as hell. 

Now back to my outfit! Let me just say, it's my fave one so far. This beautiful Bomber Jacket is from and you can get it  HERE for a very good price. It's super cute and could be combined with many many looks. The rest of the outfit you can shop bellow. Hopefully  you like this outfit and if you do make sure to subscribe to my blog. Also please leave a comment bellow which blog post you would want me to do next!

Love, Angelina!

Bomber jacket- HERE
Sneakers- HERE
Shirt- HERE
Skirt- (Similar one) HERE

Pics by Nina Ra


  1. Very cool style

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  2. Such a fun look! Love how you gave a subtle nod to the Pink Ladies with the color and the bomber jacket.
    xx | A

  3. i think you pick the perfect place to shoot this post! And I love the way you style your hair! It reminds me of Amy Winehouse!

    xx Margaret

  4. Izdominirala si :) Patike su toppp :) Mogla bi u nekom narednom postu da slikas sobu,tj. da uradis nesto kao room tour,jer bi bilo zanimljivo i to da vidimo :)

    1. Hvala puno! Naravno, sigurno cu i to uraditi uskoro!

  5. Prelepo. Patike su divne, upečatljive. A ceo outfit je poseban zbog roze pozadine.

  6. Lovely outfit, thank you for sharing.


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