How To Make The Most Of Your Summer Vacation

Hello everyone. I haven't been blogging ever since I got to Budva. To be honest, I was recharging myself. I've been so low on the ideas and I taught that changing the environment would help but the problem was that I was way too exhausted to be productive. But after about ten days  I am fresher than ever and ready to continue doing what I love the most, blogging. Now after going trough this detox period I've learned the key to making the most of your vacation, and refreshing your mind and body.

1. Waking up early 
I know it sounds crazy, but trust me having the whole beach to yourself is going to be so worth it. Mornings are the time of the day where everything is calm and peacefull and that's why they are perfect for relaxing.

2. Treat yourself right
After the morning swim you can proudly rest knowing you started your morning off the right way. Have a nice breakfast, walk around the town, buy yourself something nice, chill on Instagram...whatever makes you the most happy!

During the year I never find the right time to read what I find interesting. Reading is actually not only fun but also really good for your healthy. Focusing on your book  calms your mind down and is very similar to meditation. So when the sun is the most harsh and unhealthy you can hide in your resort or under the tree with a good book.

4. Try something new every day
I'm sure wherever your staying that place has plenty of things you have never seen or tried in your life. Food,drinks, beaches, mountains... Make space for exploring every day!

5. Write a diary
Writing all the good memories somewhere or sealing them with a pic will make them unforgettable. Get a book in which you will write all those good things and put your pictures. I know today is everything on Instagram but it's so much better to have your private memory holder.

6. Listen to music
Find some new tunes that will mark your summer. Next time you hear that song you'll remember of how much fun you had.

7. Make a list of all the things you want to do
We humans are very forgetful but we never admit it tho. Somehow we always say 'I won't forget that'  and we end up forgetting. So this summer don't act smart, make a list of all the things you want to see or do. Trust me, it's gonna be worth it!

Hope you've enjoyed this post! If you did comment down bellow and  of course follow me on my blog and if you want other social media!  Kisses


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