How To Be The Ultimate Desk Diva

Happy first day of September guys! I actually can not believe how fast this year is flying buy. But that's not what we are here to talk about. I bet loads if you are confused with the title and are wondering what the hell is this post about. Well I believe you can not be productive or organized if your desk is not super neat and fancy. I believe that everything around me needs to be beautiful for me to be happy. Including my desk. Organizing your desk is true art and if you are doing it right and using the right pieces you might end up creating a true masterpiece. Too make sure you do create a masterpiece I've came up with this list you can se bellow to help you with organizing your desk and making it all pretty and pinterest worthy. Write down in the comments your fave pieces and your toughts on getting organized this September. 

Hope you have fun and if you end up decorating your desk make sure you post the pic on instagram and tag me (@popangelscloset) so I can like and comment on your pics. I hope you have an amazing start of September and loads of fun. Kisses xoxo


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