Monday Confession ''How I Started Loving Fall''

Not so long ago, I hated fall more than anything. I hated the weather, the leaves, the fact that my legs would get wet every single day and my hair would get frizzy. But, than I decided to look on the fall from a bit different angle. After I discovered blogs and YouTube videos about fall I started doing everything I could to start at least liking fall, but unexpectedly it ended up being one of my greatest loves and excitements. I actually never thought I would say this, but, I love it more than summer maybe.

Take Advantage Of Rainy Days

Fall is for me the perfect time to relax and sort of get yourself together. After summer, endless parties and wild lifestyle Fall comes just at the right time.I know a lot of people hate rains, but for me it's a perfect time to stay at home and start creating some plans, think about your goals and what are your plans for the next year, which will come faster than you think or refuse to believe.  But if you have to get out of the house on a rainy day, don't think too much about the bad side of it. Get yourself some cute boots, hat or an umbrella and don't forget to put on a smile. 

Create A Fall Playlist

It's always a good idea to put on some great music. See what works best for you and what kind of music you like to listen to while taking a walk in a park, or staying at home to chill with a book. 


Yes, yes, I know it's not forbidden to use candles throughout the whole year, but fall candles are something else. Pumpkin scented candles, or apple and cinnamon are the ones that smell the best in autumn and rain. Trust me, it will blow your mind.

Warm Drinks

Something I hate about warm days is that I can't drink a lot of warm drinks. But in Fall I know I can knock myself out with a mug of hot coco, tea or a latte every day. As a matter of a fact I am drinking one right now and you should too!

Start Baking

Fall is a perfect time for indoor activities and one of them is baking. And best thing about cakes is that they go the best with warm drinks. I will link my favourite recipes from my fave bloggers. And who knows, maybe it turns out to be your thing?

TV show Marathons 

Speaking of indoor activities TV show marathons are one of the best. Watching a whole season on your lazy day while it's raining outside, and you are sipping your fave pumpkin spiced latte feels like the best thing ever, right? 

These are just some of the ideas I think can help you start loving and enjoying fall a bit more. If you are interested I also have Fall Inspiration board on my Pinterest which will be linked HERE , it could definitely inspire you a bit more for outfits, makeup, pics, and hairstyle ideas. 
And don't forget that every day is extremely beautiful no matter what kind of season or weather it its. Just try to enjoy it as much as you can. That's it! 

xoxo Angelina



  1. oh those glorious baked food.... yumm yumm...
    IG @grace_njio

  2. I still can't seem to get on board with fall. I do Love candles and baked goods and boots, but summer is still my fave. I think it's the rain! Maybe one day I'll come around like you did :)

    Xoxo Alison

    1. I totaly get what you're saying. Rain can be so depressing if you don't find a good way to spend those days. Even if you think it's ipossible, like I did, you should try and learn to spend time alone with yourself and I think rain is the best weather for it.xoxo


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