Trend Every Blogger Is Rocking And It's Not About Fashion

Hello guys, how are you? Today we are talking about a trend I see tons and tons of bloggers rocking and it doesn't have to do anything with fashion. Customized cases. I wanted my own ever since I saw some of my fave bloggers rocking their own, self-designed, cases. Luckily a few weeks ago I was able to team up with this lovely company Case App. Case App lets you design your own case just the way you want it to. You can choose any kind of design for your iPhone, Samsung or other. As you can see in the pics bellow the case I've design is pretty cute and is definitely going to motivate me to stay a bit more organized. If you guys wanna order your own customized case from Case App visit their website and also while purchasing you can use my Code POPANGEL20 for a 20% discount. Definitely do get one for yourself, as I am completely honest when I say that I  was blown away with the quality of the cases I've received, and I've received them pretty fast. A great idea is to design a case for your friend as a gift. That can be a pretty amazing, unique gift. As a matter of fact, I've created one for my bestie and she was amazed at how cute it was. So who knows maybe you will get yourself or someone special this super cute mask too.
If you do decide to get yourself one mask, make sure u use my code and then post a pic of it on Instagram by using the hashtag  #PopAngelxCaseApp because I wanna see all of your lovely and creative masks. Kisses!


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