Who Should You Really Be Focusing On During The NYFW?

Welcome to New York Fashion Week! If you don't know it's a pretty big deal. Everyone attending it knows that they need to step up their game in order to be good enough to get their styling captured by some of the VOGUE's cameras. Every year I go trough all of the Street Style pics from NYFW in order to get some inspiration, and every year I get more and more disappointed. Why, you ask? Because one of the things I hate the most is 'trying too much' and 'overexaggerating'. And you will probably think how I know nothing and how what's going on on the streets in NY right now is so called 'fashion'. I do respect everyone's style and I think everyone should be unique, but for me, most of  that is just ridiculous. That is the only reason I've started focusing on models and their street styles. Models are known for their perfect casual styles and effortless chic.  If I ever had a chance to go to NYFW I will try to look as more as a model than as a blogger, even tho blogging is my favourite job in the world.  For models, it's their job to attend FW and it's their busiest week of their lives , so they are the PERFECT example of how to look good even when you are going trough busy hell.
Now, I am not saying you should totally forget about bloggers because some of them really know how to be extremely stylish and rock some trends in the best way possible. I even think that Paris FW and Milan FW are the best out there and you really should check out some of those Street Styles.  I am just saying not everyone that get's to attend NYFW is a 'know it all'.  And if there is anyone you should try to steal style from, then those are definitely models. And these are some of my favourite looks EVERYONE can rock and you should definitely.


  1. I completely agree with you. Although everybody has their style, I do find myself disappointed with some fashionista's who try way too hard. I really like the selection you chose. Great post as always!


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