Hey, dolls! Happy first day of October! I am super excited for October since I have so many stuff going on this month. This months wishlist is a bit fancier since it is a luxury wishlist. Of course, I don't really plan on getting any of these things this month unless I win a lottery or something. This wishlist is just for fun and I think it says a lot about my style. I am a very girly glam girl and I have to admit I am all about labels! If I could choose what could magically appear in my closet at the snap of my fingers I would probably be sitting here casually with my glamorous Jimmy Choo's on! But since I can't they will be right here on the blog waiting for me to actually purchase them. Hopefully, soon!

So I hope you enjoy this post, make sure to comment your faves and let me know if 

you want more of these wishlist posts since I love creating them! Wish you all a great October! Kisses


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