Best 'Glowy' Products To Shop This Winter

Yes, I know when the Winter starts, and I am aware that it's more than a month away. But, I just can't help getting on the 'winter blog posts' train with my fellow bloggers. I feel like as the weather is getting colder and it's almost snowing we should really start preparing for the winter because trust me Holidays are just around the corner and winter is gonna kick you in the butt before you even know it.  So trust me, it's not too early.

Now let's get back to the theme I was actually planning on talking about, and probably the biggest reason why you clicked on this post. (wow, I'm really dragging this out...)  I love glow. It makes you look cute, glamorous and super healthy.  And I am not just talking about highlighters...I am talking about all of that good stuff that makes you look like you are a Victoria's Secret Angel. Creams, powders, foundation... 

Not sure which one to get? Don't worry babe, I got you all! I have sorted out some of the best and the newest products on the market that will make your face brighter than this winter's snow.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post or found it helpfull. Make sure to Subscribe to my blog, because I have tons od fun Holiday inspired post that I just can't wait to show you!
Love, Angelina.


  1. Nice Inspirations

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  2. So many good choices and different prices, very useful!

    1. That was my idea! I wanted it to be helpfull, with all the best drugstore and high end products. Thanks for sharing yout thoughts xoxo


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