I have some really good news for your feet. This Holiday you won't have to be torturing yourself in some really uncomfortable pair of heels because everyone in the fashion industry is going crazy about flats! And let me just say, I am a girl who always chooses looks before comfort, but I am really glad that this trend has gone big. Everyone from top designers to Vogue editors is recommending you to choose flats as your shoes for partying this Holiday season. What a gift, right? I have to say that while I was looking for some of the best flats I could find on the internet I started wondering why I ever taught they weren't fabulous enough to be party shoes. I mean yes, heels are great and they make your legs pop. But, if you choose wisely, your flats can be stunning as well. If you don't believe me, just take a look at these flats I found for you and dare to tell me they can't make a gorgeous statement piece for your holiday party outfit. Gorgeous, right? Now, there won't be any excuses for you not to dance your but off this party season.

Which one are your fave? Mine are the pink Manolo Blahnik.❤

Loads of love,


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