To Plan or Not To Plan?

I am a proud planner. I am so happy to say that I always have time to plan out my day or week and manage to stick to it, partially of course. Now a lot of my friends and family have this opinion that plans are stupid and how no one has the ability to plan their future. 'Sometimes not planning turns out to be the best plan' they say...Wait, so what should we do? What is the right thing?

Now as someone who enjoys planning, these statements had very easily gotten into my head, making me  read other people articles on this theme and think it all trough many times, all in order to get to the right conclusion. Did I get one? Well, not one...but few. I realized some things that I believe are very important and helpful to both planners and wingers (is that how you call them?).

Never Be Afraid To Change Course

 Yes, plans are good. They make you feel like your life is 'put together' and you have everything under control. But, don't be scared when something exciting pops up. You should always take chances and accept new adventures every time you get a chance too. Something that might seem scary or unattainable today definitely won't seem like it after some time.  The point of life is to grow as a person, discover and experience new things. So what if it's not in your plan, make some space!

Hope For The Best

Now this one goes to everyone. It doesn't matter if you prefer to stick to the plans or 'go with the flow' you should always stay optimistic. It is important to never lose faith in yourself or others no matter what life brings to the table. Believe in yourself and your strength no matter what happens and where life takes you. According to the plan or completely spontaneous, life teaches us to hope for the best and that is exactly what we should do.

Believe In Destiny

I will never be able to understand people who say that they don't believe in destiny. Destiny is the only thing in this life that is completely obvious and unavoidable. Things don't always work out, and that is okay. You don't always get what you thought you would, and that is okay also. And do you know why? Because everything in this world happens for a reason. Destiny will always set things up for us, and it's ours to choose to believe it was or wasn't supposed to happen.
I believe everybody starts believing in destiny, it's just a matter of time.  But trust me, the easiest ways to deal with downs and failures is by believing that it happened for a reason. And one day, it will all clear up for you.

Now, as I was writing this post I realized that, in the end, it's not important if you are a planner or a winger. Because that fact in regard to all these three things I wrote is completely irrelevant.  If you love planning - plan. If you love winging it - wing it. Be yourself and do things your own way, but don't forget these three things as they will definitely come in hand, one day. 


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