How To Make The Most Out Of December

Every year I get startled when December steps in.  I'm always afraid of the disappointment of knowing that I may haven't 'done it all'. I swear I've done a big number of things that were on my '2016 Bucket List' but I still feel like it's not enough. And to spare myself of the disappointment, I made myself a reminder that will keep me on track this December and that will help me maximize the end of this wonderful year. And as I share everything with you I will share this too. So let's start, shall we?

Say Yes More Often
I'm never lazy when it comes to my blog, work or things that don't require going out of the house. But, we all know best things happen the moment we step out of our comfort zone. So this month I'll make myself say yes to new adventures much more often.

Stop Wasting Time
Sleeping way more than I need and scrolling my Instagram way more than I should. This month I will try to stop myself from spending too much time doing unuseful things because I want to save myself from crying over not being able to turn back the time.
Read More
I underestimate the power of reading way more than I should. Every time I read I learn something new and I feel fresher. Isn't that the exact  same feeling we want to enter  2017 with?
Look Back At The Year
I know we are all focusing on creating more memories for this year, but I am sure that there are some great memories that you've already made this year that you may have forgotten about. Gather all the cute stuff or pics that remind you of how great this year was and put them in one box. I am sure in few years you will be thankful to yourself for doing it.

Sweater- Olsen Twins
Jacket, shoes and bag- Vintage

Pics by:Nina Ra


  1. Love that you focusing on December, I usually tend to just focus on upcoming year and new resolutions xx

  2. Loved reading this post! These photos are stunning and I loved how you styled this look!

    Bella x


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