A girly girl you will mostly like find enjoying her new glittery shoes over a glass of pink lemonade, Vogue magazine and an episode of 'Scream Queens'. And when it comes to buying gifts for her, I suggest nice packaging. Something that will match not only her 'pink feed' but whole 'La Vie En Rose' life philosophy. Be careful, the packaging may be delightful, but its the inside that counts. It's the same thing with them...


Stylish, graceful, dignified, modish, dashing, charming, distinguished...Name her how you want, the 'Prim' girls are always up for the 'Quality over quantity'.  Remember, expensive doesn't always mean luxurious and tasteful - but don't worry, that's why I am here! Choose timeless and classic. Avoid trends, stick to vintage!

One thing great about Parisian chérie is that when she finds something she loves, she sticks with it and never even tries to find something else. If your amour has her beauty, fashion and skincare favorites, buy her that same thing or something similar. I wouldn't experiment if I was you, but if all fails, you know a Parisian never turns down chocolate!

Trendy girls are alway active on social media, and there are pretty big chances she already posted a 'Valentine's day goal' picture on her Tumblr, Twitter or Pinterest, already. So judging everything I saw for the past few weeks, 'up to date' girls all over the world are up for something a little bit like this.


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