Why You Need To Start Using Planners? (and it's not just for organizing)

Hello, everyone! After almost a month ( wow it really has been that long) I am finally back! So, first of all, let me apologize for being a s*itty blogger and not talking to you guys in that long, but if you continue reading you'll find out the reason why.  These past two weeks of my life have been extremely busy mainly because of the finals week.  I was at home not stop and even if I wanted to get out I couldn't because the weather was terrible.  But that's a different topic...Well, now that that week is over I can proudly say that I actually did a good job on most of the test and on others, well, not so bad. And after that crazy week, I finally set down, in the morning with a warm cup of morning tea to write something for you and finally let you know that I am still here! I started thinking about what I should write about and the most common sense idea was to write about the thing that actually got me trough these crazy weeks.... MY PLANNER! Now, I know that maybe loads of you have a planner and that is nothing new, but for me it was and I believe there are people who also haven't started scheduling they're days yet. Well, if you are one of those people, I hope this post of mine makes you wanna go to that store and get that planner because trust me: You need it!  Last time I had a busy week I didn't own a planner and let's just say I was overwhelmed, stressed out and I just wanted to curl up and lay in my bed until everything is over.  And the main problem was I never could organize my time because there was always some problems popping out and some unexpected events and due dates that I had totally forgotten about. But, long story short, I realized I needed a planner and I decided to get one. 

Not only that now, my time is super organized and I feel productive and happy every day, a planner is a really great way to boost your creativity. For me, there's nothing more fun than ending my work week by sitting down taking some colorfull washi tapes, crayons, markers, and stickers and just decorate my planner and get ready for the upcoming days.

Now that I am into my planner so much and I carry it everywhere around me I decided to share it with you and hopefully inspire you to get your own and help you start getting more organized and feeling more happy and productive.


Hope you enjoyed this post if you did write down in the comments your thoughts because I would love to hear them.

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  1. I love my planner and use it for everything! I love when a new month comes along so I can add that month's stickers, it's so fun.
    Xo, Kelsey |

  2. That is such a lovely planner!



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