Current Spring Essentials

So, with the beginning of April, spring has oficially started! Even tho I love all seasons equally, when it comes to fashion, spring is by far my favourite one. I can mix and match different pieces, lenghts and materials. This season I already have my favourite pieces that I know I will be wearing whole month and we'll be buying more and more. 


My major fashion crush and favourite staple for this season is definitely a statement blouse. I love that everyone has moved from basic tees to interesting and fun blouses with various details. I love blouses with ruffles and bell sleves, and the shirt that I am wearing here is a perfect choice for the spring and can be purchased HERE. They are super easy to combine and style...basic jeans and shoes  can look supee cute with a blouse like this!

For the details for this outfit I went with a light pink tote and some cute flats. Pink is a huge trend this season and I think the most effective way to incorporate it in an outfit is by choosing pink details. You can go for a pink bag or pink shoes. If you are going for pink shoes, definitely go for flats. We all love a good pair of heels, but you don't get a chance to be stylish and comfy every season, and now when flats are huge and blowing up, it is the best moment to get yourself a pair of cute flats. 





                                                                                  xoxo Angelina

Pic by : Nina Ra


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