Hello everyone! If you are following me on my Instagram, you probably already know hat this previous week I've been in Italy. I had the best time and was really enjoying every single moment of it. Now that I'm back, and it's time to update you guys on everything, I decided to do a type of post I wanted to do for quite some time, and that is Instagram roundup! All of these pics have already been posted on my Instagram this previous week but I decided to post them here as well. If you guys like this type of post, which I am planning to do every week make sure to let me know in he comment section bellow. 

I couldn't find the exact same things that I wore so I decided to upload the closest looking. For anyone wondering the bag can be purchased HERE


  1. Super post. Bas mi se svidja samo tako nastavi ;)

  2. Oh wow. All the outfits looks amazing on you! And those black blazer is definitely a must-have!


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