New in, review, it however you want it cause I certainly don't know how. I just decided to share with you guys my thoughts on this fragrance as well as to express my love for pink, girly, fluffy and sweet things.

About this fragrance...

The fragrance itself is such a nice scent, and if you love sweet cakes and strawberries  you'll definitely adore it! The bottle is really really beautiful and it looks even better in person. There are two sizes available, 50ml and 30ml, I got the smaller one as you are able to see, but if you ask me it is a perfect size!  It has a really girly and sweet smell, yet very strong and you don't have to apply too much to wear it all day! Even though I loooove Ariana, I can definitely say you are not just buying a name but you are getting a really high quality product!
Now if we are talking price, as for is it worth the money, I definitely think it is! But if you are still a bit skeptic I recommend you get the smaller package I linked bellow, just so you can try it to see for yourself!  

If you liked this type of post definitely let me know in the comment section (also you can recommend which product you would like me to review next).

xoxo Angelina


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